Oakley Hockey Junior Training Camps

17th Jul 2017

As you’ve probably all aware now, Oakley Hockey runs junior training camps in the school holidays. These camps are aimed towards 7-15 year olds, covering all ranges of abilities from complete begin … read more

Oakley Hockey Launches New Premium Stick Range

3rd Oct 2016

The time has come ... Oakley Hockey has officially launched it's new range of hockey sticks...The Oakley Hockey outdoor sticks are available in 2 bows, both available in top of the range 90%&nbsp … read more

Oakley Hockey Men's Indoor 2016

26th Sep 2016

Oakley Hockey will be hosting their first Indoor Tournament!As the indoor format of the game grows in popularity the demand for more games is ever growing.  The Winter tournaments are no longer a … read more

Rules Changes on Red cards & Bans

16th Sep 2016

A lot of players out there might not know, but each regional hockey league has their own set of league rules & when it comes to disciplinary this is also the case. Some leagues offer match bans … read more