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 Bow: Xtreme Bow (24.75mm curve, 200mm bend point)

Weight: 550-570 grams

Composition: 70% Carbon 10% Aramid

Power Rating: 9.0/10

Close Touch Finish: Yes


The 7000 Range is designed for a softer more forgiving first touch allowing you to really feel the ball on the end of your stick. The increased flexability to the stick helps maximise the power transfer when striking the ball.  Our 70% carbon duel core technology allows even weight distribution throughout the stick providing the player with a light but powerful stick, but is more forgiving in cold temperatures.  The XB7000 with it's Xtreme Bow is a great all rounders stick, the bow is ideal for drag flicking but not so low that can affect reverse hitting or slapping.  The Xtreme Bow allows great close control for dribbling and trapping.